Hello, I'm Maria. Nice to meet you.

I am a trainer and consultant, working with non-profit organizations and social enterprises with a focus on social sustainability and inclusion. I’m based in Estonia but work globally.

Organizations I've worked with:

How May I Help You?

 I am driven by a goal to help build more cohesive, resilient and peaceful communities. The overarching theme of my activities is social sustainability: I aim to contribute to the work of non-profit organizations and social enterprises that strive to create opportunities for everyone, including the vulnerable and marginalized, and address deep rooted systemic inequalities.

I offer diverse services which are designed for (and with) the community directly, or focus on increasing the capacity of the organization.

Workshops & Trainings

I design, organize and implement workshops and trainings which increase cohesion and enhance connections within a group, e.g. personal storytelling, community artwork, nonviolent communication etc.


I am experienced in organizing international as well as local-level events, taking care of the event planning, logistics, communication etc. - either online or offline.


How can a non-profit or social enterprise become financially sustainable? How can we tell our story in more engaging ways? I offer 1-1 sessions to explore these questions together.

Work With Me

I recently relocated to Estonia, but would be glad to collaborate with you from distance. My intention is to organize high-quality activities and design projects/programmes with sustainable (and measurable) impact. When consulting, I strive to listen and find ways for you and your team to become the drivers of your own solutions.